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Bent Porch Support Pole

Bent Porch Support Pole
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L-shaped bent support pole used with porch hoop pole. Does not include hoop pole. 

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Shelters Part is in:

X2/X4: Used in X2 and X4 shelters after 2013 with RPSX pole systems


Yukon TC: Used in Yukon TC shelters after 2013 with RPSX pole systems


X1: Used in all X1 shelters


Yukon/Voyager: Used in most non-thermal Yukon and Voyager shelters made prior to 2013 with the push button pole system


X-Series Traps: Used in many X-series shelters with 1 1/4" pole system - including the Yukon X/Yukon XL/Yukon XT, Warrior X, Voyager TCX/Voyager X/Voyager XT and Jason Mitchell Thermal X/Jason Mitchell Thermal XT


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