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ClamLock Gear Pocket

ClamLock Gear Pocket
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Need some additional storage space in your hub shelter, or anywhere else you can attach ClamLock accessories to? Check out the ClamLock Gear Pocket to give you a convenient storage option. This accessory is perfect for storing some tackle boxes, gloves, or other items that you need near your ice hole, but you don't want to keep it on the ice.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • Includes base plate to mount to hub assembly, shelter tub, wall or any other hard sided surfaces
  • Can be attached to a wide range of places - hub shelters, flip over shelter tubs, permanent shelter walls and more!
  • Compatible with most hub shelters by taking off hub plate and bolt and placing hub accessory plate on center hub
  • Easily switch out to other ClamLock accessories
  • Zip pocket for storage of larger items
  • Mesh front pocket
  • 8” x 8”
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Product Video

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