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Dingle Drop XL Jig

Dingle Drop XL Jig
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Everything we said about the Dingle Drop goes for the Dingle Drop XL, too. Often, you want to keep the jig size (and weight) the same but need a bigger hook. When you fish the Clam way, you are going to hook up with big perch, crappies, and bluegills, with bonus bass, walleyes, pike, and more. Besides letting you fish with larger plastics and multiple maggots or wax worms, the XL hooks are strong enough to stand up to big battles. And the wide gap helps the hook point find a home when you rear back.

color 1/32 oz./#10 hook/4 mm
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Chart/Orange Glow Spot
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Chart Pink Glow Spot
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Chart/Blue Glow Spot
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Glow Red
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Chart/Green Glow Spot
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Dingle Drop XL Jig


  • Made of Tungsten - 30% heavier than lead
  • Larger gap, thin wire hook for better penetration
  • Movement within movement
  • 1/32 oz. size with #10 hook
  • Available in six different colors
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