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Drop Jig XL

Drop Jig XL
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Same jig. Bigger, wider-gaped hook. When the Drop pounded onto the scene, the ice fishing world fell in love with it. You already know the tungsten craftsmanship, killer colors and angled hook orientation for better hooking percentage. But sometimes the hook itself can be a bit on the small side, when you want to bulk up with waxies, maggots or a Maki Plastic. We needed Drop jigs with bigger hooks, so we made them.

color 1/64 oz./#12 hook/3 mm 1/32 oz./#10 hook/4 mm 1/16 oz./#8 hook/5 mm
Chart/Blue Glow Bar
Chart/Pink Glow Spot
Glow White
Glow Red
White/Pink Glow
Glow Purple Tiger
Glow Firetiger
Black/Glow Dot
Pink/Glow Dot
White Glow Wonderbread
Chart Glow Wonderbread
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Drop Jig XL


  • Made out of Tungsten
  • 30% heavier than lead
  • XL Hook with larger gap for better penetration
  • Stronger wire, larger tie-eye
  • Available in 12 different colors
  • Available in tthree sizes: 1/64 oz., 1/32 oz., 1/16 ox.
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Product Video

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