Dropper Spoon

Dropper Spoon
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The Dropper Spoon is the ultimate mini lure for catching the biggest panfish in the school. Built from tungsten it’s small, compact and  concise with a dropper chain, a #14 glowing epoxy treble to fool upward feeding fish. Drops like a bomb to fish fast and hole hop to find active fish. The 3-link gold dropper chain is money during cold fronts, bad pressure systems or when heavy fishing pressure turns fish off.

color 1/32 oz./#14 chain
Glow Red
White/Pink Glow
Gold/Glow Red
Chart/Orange Glow
Chart/Green Glow
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Dropper Spoon


  • Made out of Tungsten
  • Dropper chain is go-to for tough bites
  • Flat top surface helps pick up sonar
  • Drops like a bomb to fish fast
  • Available in six different colors
  • Comes in 1/32 oz. size
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