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Duck-Bill Drop

Duck-Bill Drop
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It wasn’t hard to come up with a name for this one. The Duckbill’s arching shape and protruding bill catch a ton of water on the pump. The result is an in-your-face presentation that drives aggressive fish to hammer it. As you might also guess, it can wake up sniffers and stir instinctive feeding. You just never know, making the Duckbill a piece of your arsenal could make it your ultimate wild card.

color 1/16 oz./#12 hook/5 mm
Firetiger Glow
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White/Green Glow Bar
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Chart Pink Glow Spot
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Firetiger/White Glow Bar
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Duck-Bill Drop


  • Made out of Tungsten
  • 30% heavier than lead
  • Unique profile fish have not seen
  • Jigs jumps forward into fish’s face when jigged
  • Available in six different colors
  • Comes in 1/16 oz. size with size 12 hook
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