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Fish Well Floating Livewell

Fish Well Floating Livewell
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If you’re tired of trying to fillet frozen or slimy fish, the Clam Fish-Well is for you! Instead of tossing your freshly caught fish outside in freezing temperatures, put them in the Fish-Well. All that you need is an extra drilled hole. Lower the Fish-Well, so it floats, and you can easily insert fish. Keeping bait fresh is important but can be a challenge, and buckets can take up valuable space. The Fish-Well is out of the way, and your bait is always fresh. Drill a second hole to have fresh live bait at your fingertips. Great for use in the summer as well!

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • Nylon coated mesh bag can be easily rinsed to wash away slime and scales. Hang to air dry.
  • Maximum flotation closed-cell foam keeps bag afloat
  • Velcro closure secures your catch
  • Convenient carry strap
  • Fish can’t pull it down the hole
  • Heavy-duty side zipper for easy dumping of your catch
  • Comes in 7” and 9” options - both are 33” deep
  • 9" diameter for 10" ice hole
  • 7" diameter for 8" ice hole
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