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Frost Ice Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Frost Ice Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
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Clam Pro Tackle knows ice fishing...the Frost Ice Fluorocarbon Line is designed specifically for the rigors of ice fishing by Sunline. This low-memory line is manufactured especially for cold weather where it won’t lose strength or suppleness. With a straighter “off-the-spool” feed, Frost line has less coil and line memory, resulting in greater sensitivity and more felt bites.

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Metered Chartreuse/Clear50 Yards
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Metered Chartreuse/Clear200 Yards
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Metered Pink/Clear50 Yards
Metered Pink/Clear200 Yards
Clear50 Yards
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Clear200 Yards
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Frost Ice Fluorocarbon Fishing Line


  • Nearly invisible in water for stealthy presentation
  • Low memory compared to other fluorocarbons on the market
  • Highly abrasion resistant against the bottom of the hole
  • Low stretch for strong hooksets and greater sensitivity
  • Designed especially for cold weather, will not lose strength or suppleness in cold
  • Manufactured specifically for handling on a spinning reel
  • Manufactured by Sunline
  • IGFA compatible pound test rating – true diameter to pound test rating
  • Available in 50 or 200 yard spools
  • Available in clear or metered line
    • Metered available in Chartreusee or Pink color options
    • High visibility Chartreuse or Pink above the hole with clear fluorocarbon sections metered in for stealthy presentation below the ice

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