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FT Sled
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Deep, short tub for the angler with minimal gear! Modern ice anglers don’t just head out on the ice with a bucket of tools and hope. They have plans and the gear to execute them. And the Clam line of sleds help. We’ve turned our industry-renowned fish house tubs into durable tubs. These workhorses are constructed for rugged use, but light enough to make them easy to use.

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  • Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Tub
  • Durable
  • One Piece Construction
  • Includes 9 foot tow rope (pre-drilled holes for attachment)
  • Available in two sizes:
  • Seven Cubic Feet
    • Weight: 13 Lbs
    • Overall Size: L 45” x W 34” x H 13” deep on sides
  • 10 Cubic Feet
    • Weight: 16 Lbs
    • Overall Size: L 48” x W 37” x H 17” deep on sides

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