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GaffX Treble Hook

GaffX Treble Hook
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The Gaff X Treble Hooks from Clam Pro Tackle are perfect for anglers looking to upgrade their old favorite standbys to the sharpest & strongest hook technology available. These hooks can be easily switched out to replace dull hooks, add a different look, or change sizes to match the bait your using. Those small adjustments will help you catch more fish all season long. With Extra Tough Sharp (XTS) points and a wide gap, make sure you are ready to set the hook.


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • 2X Strong
  • Beaked super cutter points
  • Extra Tough Sharp (XTS)
  • Easily replace dull factory trebles or switch out for other colors
  • Round bend hooks
  • Wide gap hooking efficiency
  • Comes in a six pack
  • Three corrosion resistant finishes
    • Black Nickel
    • Red
    • Polychromatic
  • Available in three sizes (10, 8, and 6)
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