Juice Bucktail

Juice Bucktail
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The BigTooth™ Tackle Juice series are the perfect lures for calm or heavy wind conditions and the darkness of night. The BigTooth™ secret Keel Design makes this Bucktail run straight and true. And the LongNek™ FlexWire gives the PLUMMAGE™ Marabou the perfect action! Add our premium steel blades and the BigTooth Tackle Juice will help you boat more and bigger muskies.



  • Premium blades - best flash and maximum consistent rotation
  • PLUMMAGE - Hand tied Marabou custom to each sized bucktail  - maximize movement in the water
  • Keel weight built on the coil to eliminate need to bend wire below the eye to prevent rolling bucktails
  • LongNek Flex Wire - longer extended front .051 wire adds a unique vibration and movement in the water
  • ImpactBEADS Combination - Maximizes consistent blade rotation once the blades hit the water
  • Shrink the front hook - prevents the hook from getting caught in the marabou (not available on the Mini’s)
  • Rear hook extended beyond the marabou to increase short strikes
  • Available in three different sizes - Mini, Mag 8, Mag 10
  • Available in 8 Colors
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