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Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth

Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth
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The Kenai Pro Thermal took the industry by storm. To further its legacy we have put together the best one-person sight-fishing shelter on the market. The Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth combines proven features with the darkness that the die hard sight fisherman needs. Features such as overhead mesh storage and a Mini Light Stick accessory puts the finishing touches on this model.  And with our patented Tri-Bond Technology thermal skin, this popular thermal Fish Trap retains heat, using less propane, and provides reduced condensation. Enjoy the comfort, design and ideal darkness to sight fish this winter…check out the Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth!



  • Super-tough 900 total denier fabric
  • 90 grams of insulation per square meter
  • Full Tri-Bond Thermal Tech skin keeps light out, heat in 
  • Includes dimmable Mini Light Stick,  Battery Bracket and hammock under seat to stow gear
  • Adjustable deluxe folding seat that folds front-to-back
  • Front access door
  • Includes 14” X 30” overhead mesh storage
  • Tubs and poles made in the USA
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  • Stealth technology keeps light out - perfect for sight fishing
  • Deeper tub for more gear storage
  • Full thermal skin retains heat and reduces condensation
  • True flip-and-go pole system (no extension tubes)
  • Perfect for the angler on the move


  • Set up size: L 91” x W 37” x H 64”
  • Center height: 64”
  • Pack size with seats: L 48” x W 37” x H 25”
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Fishing Area: L 42” x W 36”
  • Fishable Square Footage: 11 Square Feet
  • Seat: Deluxe
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