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Nordic Sled

Nordic Sled
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Modern ice anglers don’t just head out on the ice with a bucket of tools and hope. They have plans and need the proper gear with them to execute. This is where the Clam lineup of sleds come into play. We’ve turned our industry-renowned Fish Trap bases into durable tubs. These workhorses are constructed for rugged use but light enough to make them easy to use.



  • Raised front nose
  • Durable
  • One piece construction
  • Item subject to additional shipping charge
  • Available in three sizes
  • Small 
    • Weight: 14 Lbs
    • Overall Size: L 52” x W 27” x H 16” deep on sides
    • Capacity: 10 Cubic Feet
  • Medium
    • Weight: 25 Lbs
    • Overall Size: L 62” x W 32” x H 18” deep on sides
    • Capacity: 15 Cubic Feet
  • Large
    • Weight: 34 Lbs
    • Overall Size: L 72” x W 40” x H 18” deep on sides
    • Capacity: 22 Cubic Feet
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