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Peg Flutter Spoon

Peg Flutter Spoon
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The Peg Spoon is named for its namesake Lake Winnipeg, home of the world-famous greenback walleye. Made from lightweight zinc alloy, it’s the ultimate large profile bait but is ultra-thin cut for flash and flutter in skinny water. The Peg Spoon excels at attracting big fish from a large radius. It’s a lethal part of the 1-2 punch system of drawing tentative fish in and luring them over to bite your deadstick or second rod (where legal).

color 5/16 oz./#4 hook
Rainbow Flash
Pink Lightning
Rusty Craw
Orange Tiger
Orange Bread
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Peg Flutter Spoon
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • Big profile, ultra thin body for best flutter
  • Flash calls em in from a large radius
  • Zinc alloy environmentally friendly
  • 5/16 oz spoon
  • Available in eight different colors
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