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Peg Flutter Spoon

Peg Flutter Spoon
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The Peg Spoon is named for it’s namesake Lake Winnipeg, home of the world famous greenback Walleye. Made from lightweight Zinc Alloy it’s the ultimate large profile bait but is ultra thin cut for best flash and flutter in skinny water. Hexagon stamped body with bright fluorescent and metallic color front side along with highly reflective plated backside flickers, flashes & flutters as it falls. The Peg Spoon excels at attracting big fish from a large radius. It’s a lethal part of the 1-2 punch system of drawing tentative fish in and luring them over to bite your deadstick or second rod (where legal).

color 5/16 oz./#4 hook
Rainbow Flash
Pink Lightning
Rusty Craw
Orange Tiger
Orange Bread
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Peg Flutter Spoon


  • Big profile, ultra thin body for best flutter
  • Flash calls em in from a large radius
  • Zinc Alloy environmentally friendly
  • Available in eight different colors
  • Comes in 5/16 oz. size
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