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Rattlin' Blade Spoon Kit

Rattlin' Blade Spoon Kit
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Anglers can now have the best of the best! Clam Pro Tackle Jigging Spoon Kits are designed with the hottest colors and some of the most popular spoon choices in the CPT line. Our spoon kits are great for the beginner angler or make a perfect gift. 

The Rattlin’ Blade Spoon has the same slicing, fluttering action of the original Blade Spoon with the upgrade of seriously loud rattles. The stainless steel bearings click and clack inside their pyrex-glass housing, calling in fish from distances you didn’t think were possible.



  • Loud and noisy Pyrex glass rattle
  • Movement within movement
  • Stainless Steel BB’s superior to traditional lead BB’s
  • Multicolor kits so anglers can easily change depending on the time of day, water clarity, etc
  • Great starter packs!
  • Three spoons per pack
  • Available in 1/16 oz. and 1/8 oz. sizes
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Product Video

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