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Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon

Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon
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The Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon takes after the ever-popular Leech Flutter Spoon. The Ribbon Leech still has the Leech Spoon's fluttering action, but the spoon is a thinner cut, which causes the spoon to fall down the water column at a much slower speed than the Leech Spoon. Complete with the addition of a noisy flapper blade, this spoon will put a lot of fish on the ice this winter!

color 1/16 oz./#10 treble 1/8 oz./#8 treble 1/4 oz./#6 treble
Silver/Black Holo
Red/Gold Holo
Perch Holo
Rainbow Holo
Glow Firetiger Lightning
Glow Orange Lightning
Glow Rainbow Lightning
Glow White Lightning
Glow Pink Lightning
Glow Red Lightning
Glow White Wonderbread
Glow Chart Wonderbread
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Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • Thin cut version of infamous Leech Flutter Spoon
  • Flutters down the water column tantalizingly slow
  • Oversized Extra-Strong red treble hook that keeps ‘em pinned
  • Noisy/Loud/Flashy flapper calls ‘em In
  • Available in 12 colors - Hologram and Glow/UV
  • Available in three sizes: 
    • 1/16 oz. (#10 hook) - 1 ¼” body length
    • 1/8 oz. (#8 hook) - 1 ¾” body length
    •  ¼ oz.  (#6 hook) - 2” body length


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