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Rock Jig

Rock Jig
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The All-Terrain Tackle - Rock Jig is Tournament Football Head is designed to help it travel through rocks and gravel, over ledges and through other hard bottom areas without getting hung-up. Designed to be fished with Hula Grubs. Twin Tail and other crawfish style trailers. The Terrain Tread on the underside of the jig actually grips the bottom allows you to feel the bottom composition better than ever before. We build the Rock Jig on a heavy, black-nickel, Mustad UltraPoint hook.



color 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz.
Green Pumpkin
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to be fished in areas with rock structures
  • Football shaped head to not get stuck in rocks
  • Features terrain tread for gripping and dragging on different structures
  • Features a Mustad UltraPoint Hook
  • Powder painted
  • Comes in a two pack
  • Available in three different colors
  • Comes in three different sizes: ⅜ oz., ½ oz., ¾ oz.
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