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This one is as simple as a screwdriver, but it far more versatile. Nip hook or thread it on. Fish it horizontally or curl it into the hook shank on a vertical jig for an ‘upward’ orientation. Trim it and it becomes an awesome little whip tail. Pound it on the bottom, so it looks like a bloodworm coming out. Float it upward, making it twitch and swim. Just make sure you have a good grip on your rod.



  • Includes eight pieces per bag
  • Spike tail triggers bites
  • Incredible action that cannot be stopped
  • Natural blood worm action - pound the bottom 
  • and let the newly hatched rise up
  • Great whip bait when jigged & twitched
  • T-Bone rigging gives undulating tail action
  • Super soft hand pour bait
  • Injected with “Maki” Juice
  • Available in eight different colors
  • 1 3/8" long
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