StraightWire Spinnerbait

StraightWire Spinnerbait
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The Bigtooth Tackle Straight-Wire™ Spinnerbait brings a new design to the world of large spinnerbaits. With the unique design the “Straight-Wire” keeps and supports the second hook to stay inline. Fish with big jaws and giant teeth don’t stand a chance with the super high hooking percentage.



  • Two quality 9/0 hooks greatly improved hooking percentage and solve the age old problem of spinnerbaits not being able to get around the jaw of big fish.
  • Hooks are wired together - the bait tracks true every cast and totally eliminates the possibility of failure
  • Short arm and head design allow the bait to ride through and over thick cover
  • Quality lasting skirt and soft-plastic tail provide a life-like action
  • A quality swivel and shrink tube wire wrap eliminate blade fouling
  • Available in Mini or Mag size options
  • Available in five colors
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