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Tackle Pouches

Tackle Pouches
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Keep your tackle and hooks from snagging other baits and rods with the Clam Tackle Pouch. Designed to keep jigs, spoons, and other lures in place and secured to your ice rod.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


  • Wrap them around your Rod to Cover your jigs or spoons. You'll have less tangling with storage!
    • Size small (2"x2") – Stores Components, Beads, Swivels, Tie knots, Split Shots and Small Jigs
    • Size medium (2"x3") – Stores Jigs, Small Spoons etc
    • Size large (2"x4") – Stores Large Spoons, Small Crank baits, Swimming jigs and Large Jigs
  • Protects Tackle from Chipping and Damage
  • Clear thick Plastic for great visibility & durability
  • Store in Tackle Box, Jacket Pockets for easy Transport
  • Many other uses around home or shop for storage
  • Includes three pouches per pack
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